The Underground experiment…

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If you live in London or in any busy city I am sure you know what it means going through the mass of people every morning on your way to work.

Some time there are soo may people that is impossible to walk trough and you end up frustrated and probably late for work.

I remember very clearly when last year I was in Waterloo station getting my train in the morning for Clapham Junction and it was impossible to pass the gate without bumping in so many people.

One morning I just thought: “no Monica, today you are going straight through without letting anyone push you over”

I visualize the exact spot where I wanted to go and I kept my eyes straight in to the point and began to walk to it and guess what, like magic the whole crowd started to open up and let me trough it!

Once in the train, on my way to work, I realize what happened!

The crowd in the tube or at the train station is exactly like the crowd (problems and challenges) in my life!

As long as that you don’t focus to a specific goal the crowd will always try to push you down or make you change direction!

Focus and visualization are so important!

I keep doing this little experiment every time that I have to cross a big crowd of people and it is so interesting to see how every time it can be a bit different, depending on how confident and focus I feel.

Some time I do hesitate because I think they are going too fast, or I don’t know if I got enough space and I do bump on a couple of people and it make me laugh thinking that I worried for no reason and if instead of worrying and thinking that I wasn’t fast enough, I just kept focus, I would have manage to go right trough it!

It is so beautiful and amazing that once you understand where you want to go the universe open up the way for you and all you have to do is walk right through it!

The Underground experiment…
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