The hair talk…

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Hello friends, let’s talk a bit about hair!!

Very often I get asked what I use for my hair, people tell me they are so shiny..✨✨

Well I’m quite lucky , they are so straight naturally!! Plus while Monica was learning to become a chef I was doing hair,☝️ yes friends I been an hairdresser for more than 7 years !! and of course I learned a lot of secrets about hair and how to look after them!!

First of all you need a good base, if your hair is cut nicely it is so much easier to style them.

My stylist is my best friend Yoko, She has been cutting my hair for the last 4 years.? We use to work together back in 2009 in a small salon in Covent Garden , and we are friend ever since..

If you want to see her and experience her amazing talent just go to The Collective hairdresser in London and ask for Yoko.

As well as a good haircut you need good products, forget about Pant.. or Erbal… or John… you want to use something that is:

  • a professional  hair care brand 
  • possibly made with plant and flower essences 
  • and very important, created with respect for the earth too..

Does something like this exist ? Yes of course it does , its  Aveda !!

I’ve known this brand for more than 10 years, they have fantastic product, and they have colour too, but we will talk about that another time !!

As a shampoo and conditioner I’m using the Colour Conserve range ,I find it perfect for my hair as it looks after my colour while keeping my hair nice and shining.

Colour conserve shampoo : keeps the hair colour vibrant longer, protects from damaging effects of sun, water and environmental stresses.

Colour Conserve conditioner: seals hair cuticles to help lock in colour and shine. Detangle and keep the hair soft and silky.

Something that is very important to use is a heat protector too, no point in using an amazing shampoo and conditioner and then burn the hair with the dryer or straightens ?

My favourites at the moment are the Pure Abundance style-prep and the Thickening Tonic.

One gives me fantastic volume on the roots and the other one helps to expand the hair when they are dry, both of them have heat protection so I’m heat proof every time i blow dry my hair ?

Thickening tonic: proven to thicken hair instantly with just one use, expands strands from roots to ends, 97% naturally derived.

Pure Abundance style-prep: fine, micro-mist spray that thickens hair, detangles and make styling easier, creating  long-lasting volume on shampoo days and refreshing volume on non-shampoo days.

How do I blow dry ? Well it depends on how I feel, if I’m tired in the evening I just roughly dry my hair with my head upside down and the morning after, I just re-spray some pure abundance style prep and I go quicly through with a round brush and the dryer just to polish them.

If I have time, I put some rollers in. I dry and polish the hair first with the brush and the drier and when they are 99% dry I put the rollers in, I leave them there while I do my make up for or at least 20 minutes. Than I remove the rollers, give my hair a shake upside down and the result is fantastic?

As a final touch I use a bit of air control hair spray, its a light hair spray so doesn’t stick to the hair at all , and it gives a good medium hold.


And this is how I transform my straight fine hair into a bouncy volumizing look!!?




The hair talk…
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