Last Friday night

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Friday night I had the chance to meet an incredibly beautiful person, who helped me babysit the two little children that I usually take care of during the week.

Since it was a very long day the mum thought I could use some extra help and called her brother in law….

And I have to say the whole experience got me thinking a lot.

Most of it about memories… yes memories!

In a way the same whole reason why we created Cook with Amore, because of memories, memories of beautiful moments spent with our family around the table eating on special occasions and on everyday meals.

It got me thinking about many things… one of it was how important is having some help, especially from your partner when you have children. I realized that very clearly because the day before, I had to babysit longer as well, but I was alone: It was doable, but very tiring in the end. The second evening, when I had additional help, it was like having a little walk, nice and enjoyable. While I was tiding up or getting dinner ready, he was played with them; while I was rinsing one from the bath, he was drying the other one. But best of all we were all playing and laughing together and like magic I wasn’t thinking about what I had to do after or that they needed to be in bed at a specific time; I was just enjoying the moment. I even maybe felt like a little girl again, laughing for silly thing so hard that my eyes almost shed tears!

And listening my two little friends laughing so hard it really did warm my heart.


All this to say how important our are parents in our life, how strong is the impact that they have on us, particularly when we are little, and how important is for them to help each other in order to stay calm and positive the all time and avoid the grumpy moments – lets call them like that – that we all have seen when we were little and probably still see now!!!


Growing up, I always had the idea that my mum was a grumpy and quite serious person, but now more then ever I really think she wasn’t grumpy at all she was just really tired and maybe all she wanted was just a little help. My dad always worked very hard and longs hours in order to provide food and all of the things that our family need. But he wasn’t that good at helping mummy or at least thought that. Thirty years ago, it was probably quite normal that husbands thought that they should just bring money home and the wives should take care of the house and the children without any help because that was all they were supposed to do. But let me say this to all the dads, taking care of the house and the children is much harder and tiring than a regular 8/10 hours a day job; it is constant, it never finishes, you don’t get a holiday away form been a mum or a wife. Once it is there, it is there forever.

So to all of you dads that think you are the one doing the hard work, think again!

Start to help your special half when you get home after 8, 10 or 12 hours work, and thank her for doing such a good job while you were out. I am pretty sure that this would save you lots of fight or grumpy moments.


At the end of the day your kids wont remember which brand of clothes you could afford to buy them, but they will definitively remember how much daddy was helping mommy and how special he was making her feel.

So thank you very much Uncle H, for all the help on Friday night and for making us laugh out loud.





Last Friday night
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