If only I would have trust…

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Once in a book I read: “If only you would have known that everything at the end would have turned out the way you wanted how much worries would it have saved you?”

Aaaaa so true…

If only I would have trust how much pain would I have saved?!

From mid November last year I started to work full time as a nanny, thing that I usually do only part time, and because of that I started to lose focus, not at the beginning though but more at the end.

During the whole period I was tired and I was not having much time for myself, but I knew that it was just for few months then I would have been completely free and able to concentrate on cook with amore only.

That thought kept me going until the end of January, but then the most weird thing happened.

When I was finally home, completely free and with some money saved, I felt completely lost and out of focus.

Back in November I wasn’t concentrating much on how things would have happened but I was just keeping myself positive and visualising, trusting that everything would work out perfectly.

However, as time was passing by I started to worry about everything, like how many lessons I needed to sell in order to have a specific income or what else I could have done in case there would have been weeks where I wouldn’t sell a single lesson, and so on. Worries! What ifs!

I realised after, that I spent 3 months putting myself on so much pressure, to make sure I would have started immediately with private lessons and more cooking in order to have a new income, that I forgot to enjoy the process.

I went from working 50/60 hours per week to having zero energy even to do nothing.

I was blaming all the extra nanny hours, but it was just an excuse. The only thing I had to blame was myself!

Only after 2 weeks of being shrouded into this complete darkness that I began to feel the need to get back on track

I started to re-read motivational books, listen to podcast and everything possible to motivate myself again, and that’s when I understood why I got lost.

I simply forgot my Why!

Why did I want to teach cooking lessons? Why did I want to create cook with amore in the first place?

Was it only because I wanted a better way to pay my rent or didn’t want anyone to boss me around anymore, or because I turned 30 and I felt I needed a massive change in my life?

One of the book I read is called The Warrior Mindset, the most powerful 40 pages ever, probably because they are 40 pages of exercises. Sometimes you can read as much as you want, but if don’t put the words into practice nothing much is going to happen!

They ask you very simple questions, but they go straight to the point:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are some goals and dreams that you have for your life?
  • What would you enjoy spending time on every day?
  • What gifts or talents do you possess and already have confidence in?
  • What pain in the world are you compelled to solve?

These are just some questions, and I seriously recommend you the whole book, but I think they are enough to make you understand the point.

After you answer to all those questions they ask you to transform all those answer into your personal mission statement, by analyzing the common thread within your answer to discover what your mission might be.

Another thing that I loved about what they say is < Your mission is define by you and you alone and you must have faith that the mission you chose today, even if is not the right mission for your life, it will lead you in the direction of your true mission later on. This cannot be understated and you need to begin to believe this is true for you simply because moving forward without a mission because you want to make sure is the right one will only hold you back. You need to begin moving forward and defining a mission allows you to move forward with intentionality and purpose, rather than standing still wondering what to do next. You cannot stay stagnant, you must progress and unlocking your mission allows you to push forward and start growing. >

It was so simple, my mission was right there through my answers and it was so clear!













BE IN NATURE                  TRAVELLING                     EXPLORING






I might have thought many times how beautiful and how much fun me and my sister would have had in front of the camera and how much money we can make with a TV show, but I can assure you it wasn’t why we create Cook with Amore in the first place!

We create Cook with Amore because we wanted to bring family and friends together at the table to enjoy something delicious with zero impact on the health and the world, if not just to enhance both.

The whole idea is based on LOVE, yes love!

Love for yourself, for your body, love for your soul and love for the world and the people who live in it!

Our cooking is based on beautiful memories of when we were little, eating together delicious meals of the Italian traditions made by the lovely hands of my mum and grandma!

It is not just about healthy cooking and putting together some super food, but it is about listening to your body and ask <how do you feel after you eat?> so full that you cannot even move from the table or well balanced that you can even run a marathon?

So this is my mission:

I want to free people from getting sick du to a wrong diet!

I want to show that there is an option, and it is a good and tasty option, that can benefit you and the whole world!

I want to inform people with the right information!

I want to spread the love for oneself and others!

I want to have a big impact on the children, because they are the future!

This time I am going to trust my mission with my whole heart, without worrying too much on how it is going to happen but simply believing why I want to make it happen, and I am sure that the big love that I have for my cooking, for my family, for my friends and for the whole world will keep me focussed!



If only I would have trust…
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