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I read a phrase today… It says “you don’t need happiness to be grateful but you need gratefulness to be happy”.

It felt so true, we spend our life looking for happiness and at the end we realise that it has been with us the all time, we just didn’t know how to look!

Most importantly we think that happiness, or what makes us happy, comes from outside, from other peoples or things.

I remember in the past and sometimes even now when I forget, and I let that happiness feeling relying on what happen to me during the day, or depending on who I spend my time with… it’s so silly… That’s not real happiness that’s the idea of happiness that we’ve got in our head.

If something really teaches me how to be grateful for everything that I had, it is travelling!

Since I started to travel in 2006 my all perspective change… even the simplest phone call at home was enough to fill up my heart with happiness and love, it was an enormous gratefulness feeling of how lucky I was to be on the other side of the world having amazing experiences and learning while on the other end I have an amazing family that no matter how different ideas they had from me, they gave me love and the best childhood ever!!

I am grateful for having them telling me off about my dreams and ideas so hard to make me mad enough to stand and fight back!

Who knows if instead of telling me off they would say yes for everything that I asked where would I be today? Pretty sure not where I am now! when things are given to us too easily we don’t appreciate them and that is a fact.

Was it actually the fact that my parents never travelled around that fuelled my desire to see the world so much?

Was it actually seeing my parents working so hard without making much money the reason why I don’t want to settle for a normal job but be my own boss?

Was it actually seeing everyone around me getting sicker with age that made me want to take care of myself with a vegan diet?

Yes, but most importantly I was seeing how much my parents love a simple life that made me appreciate the little things, like having all the family around on Sundays for lunch.

It was traveling and seeing the world that made me appreciate my home.

It was seeing my mum spend all day cooking for my family that make me understand the beauty of sacrifice.

They have been and are amazing role model for me in a good and bad way. They showed me the possibilities I had in making the same choice or not, to be brave for something different or to chose comfort in what is already.

Probably most teenagers would have hated such parents because they never agree with anything I did or said, and actually at the beginning of my travel I did too. I just couldn’t understand how the people who are biologically programmed to love you and support you no matter what, were giving me such a hard time instead of love!

But now, more than ever I see things so clearly, what they give me was love and support in their own way. They were just scared of what I was choosing because they didn’t know what to expect. “Fear of the unknown!”

I don’t like victimhood, I don’t feel bad when people tell me I got this and that, I am so unlucky…, what a load of nonsense!

We all have choices, we always have a choice that is either based on fear or love, and I chose love!

This past year for me has been quite challenging. The challenge was being tired of waiting for people to help me to do things when actually doing it myself was the way forward. I started to do all the things that I always wanted, which I was always too busy or scared to do.

It was learning to appreciate myself without waiting on others to do things for me…

It was believing that I was strong and talented enough to be able to get whichever job I wanted.

And most importantly it was stopping choosing the confortable and choosing risk.

When I look back, every single thing that I have now, or that I experienced, is what I was asking for… And that only prove me that if you ask to the universe, you will receive!

You just have to be clear and consistent on what you ask and it will come to you.

So here I am choosing risk, choosing love, choosing what I know in my heart feels right.

Without letting other people choose for me.

Believe, not have hope, but believe with every piece of my soul that I can succeed doing what I like the most… Cooking!


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