Ciao Everyone!

We are Elena and Monica, two Italian twin sisters ? from a little town near Venice ??.

We have now been in London for five years, and before that we both travelled the ?? separately, Elena as a beauty therapist and Monica as a chef.

During our experience abroad, the thing that we were missing the most from home was the smell and taste of  real homely Italian food ? that our mum would prepare every day for our family.

That’s why once we came to London together we decided that we wanted to recreate that same memory.

The only little detail that changed was that in the middle of our trips we met our dearest friend, naturopath Guglielmo,? who explained to us the importance of having a clean, healthy diet☝️completely different from what we were used to, so our intention become to revisit all our favorite recipes and make them healthier ?.

So here we are five years later, after lots of experimenting and funny memories of meals with friends, finally ready to share with you our Italian food made healthier !!?

All of our recipes are are meat free, dairy free, completely vegan and sugar free, and most are also gluten free.

Our daily diet starts with a lovely porridge full of nuts and seeds for breakfast, followed by fresh vegetable and gluten free grains for lunch, and a big salad and lots of steamed vegetable for dinner. We snack nuts and apples during the day and drink lots (and LOTS, and LOTS) of water ?!

But, of course, when we have friends over, we offer our incredibly delicious revisited Italian food ?.

Hope you will love it as much as we do!

Elena & Monica


Momy that’s how I call her, sounds a bit like mummy maybe because at the end She is a bit the mummy in our relationship!?

Always taking care of me, definitely the most responsible one of the two!

She is fantastic, talented, so sweet and always there for me.

A bit grumpy sometimes but that’s fine because when She cooks… Oh my God!!!!???

A bite of her cooking is a ?✈️ journey back to Italy ??!

And the incredible thing is that whatever recipe I ask her to recreate in an healthy, vegan version, like magic… She makes it come true!!

I am so lucky!?



Elena how to describe her ? maybe like our Guglielmo told her once… She is God on earth!!

She always manage to get what She wants.

She lives in her perfect world with her part time job, her personal trainer and lots time for her self!

Believe me  guys when I tell you that I ? thank the universe every day because I got her in my life!

Where would I be with out her?!

Actually I know where I would be, stuck in a kitchen 70 hours a week incredibly depress!?

She got this power of describe her life so incredibly good that She makes you want it too!

She is charismatic, happy, kind, always positive and fighting for what She believes!

She is my best friend!?