A trip to Bali

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A trip to Bali


Who is a lucky girl???

I definitely am!

I just got back from two weeks in Bali, and guess what… my brother paid for it!

I can’t wait to earn enough to return him the favour!

It was beautiful and I mean, besides the beautiful look, it felt beautiful. I think the most spiritual place I have ever been!

Finally, I had two weeks just to relax, no worries or troubles, just time to relax and be grateful.

I had the chance to meet lovely and inspiring people, one of them was my travel guide, who was with us for the first 3 days.

And of course he couldn’t just be a regular guide, but he was actually a healer.

He has the gift of taking the bad energy away from you, and then he also taught me how to keep it away.

He checked all of us, me my brother and my sister.

He passed his hand like a scanner, 5 cm away from the body, starting from the head all the way down.

He started with them and he found some bad energy, probably caused by stress, so when my turn came up I thought it will go crazy with me, but it was the opposite, he kept moving his hand and said nothing and once done, he said “you are clear, you have none”!

After that, while walking towards the car, I asked him “why?”. Or actually, how was it possible that I didn’t have any? I mean, I live in London!!!? Kind of the opposite from relax and stress-free!???

I said, “is that maybe, because I do meditation”?

And he explained that meditation definitely helps, but it’s not the only thing!

The first day that we met, he explained to us a bit of the Balinese culture!

He explained the importance to pray every day, the importance to make an offer to the gods every day and also the importance to keep things clean, tidy and organised so there is no chance for the bad spirits to enter the house and the mind, it is all about the energy what you give that comes back to us!

It is all about energy and balance, when he talked about this particular bit, I actually thought about the movie “Eat, Pray and Love”, because he said the same thing, in life you have to keep a balance, too much of something is not good, even too much God is not good, too much of something will end up draining you and then you will forget or be too tired to do the other things.

So like a flash I understood why I didn’t have any bad energy.

I always though that I am a control freak, that I had some serious problems with me wanting to keep everything clean and organised and also a bit confused about the fact that I had so many hobbies and I couldn’t just focus on one!

But it actually is me, being crazy and very creative (from cooking, painting, writing) that made me clear of bad energy!

I mean deep inside I always found cleaning, organizing, tidying up, painting, writing, cooking and also ironing kind of therapeutic, and finally I had a confirmation from a Balinese healer that I am actually doing good, that I am not crazy, but simply in line with my soul!

By creating a clean, organised, colorful environment around me I also create inner peace!

Another person that I am incredibly happy I met on my trip, is a yoga teacher!

After the 3 days tour and 16 hours on the airplane, Elena and I thought we could really benefit from some yoga, and since in our hotel there was a free lesson we decided to go.

I was very exited to do a little workout, I mean, I am used to do yoga at Gymbox and it’s not an easy class, you still sweat and feel the muscle working, but this it was completely different, we only end up doing 5 positions because he spent lots of time talking to us, which in this case I found more beneficial than a workout.

He started with a beautiful story, he explained to us why yoga is actually called yoga.

Back in time, when there was no tractor to work the soil, they used animals to pull the plow, and the piece of wood that was keeping the two animals together is call Yoga.

So here it is, Yoga means connection, connection between the body and the soul.

Yoga is connection, is mindfulness and is not just a class at the gym but is a lifestyle, it’s a way of thinking and a way of being.

He said that there is a word that best explains the yoga philosophy and that word is DREAM.


D is for diet, you need a clean and healthy diet to feed you body properly

R is for rest and relaxation, you need to listen to your body when he needs a break

E is for exercise, exercise is important to keep your body flexible and strong

A is for and

M is for meditation, for learning to control your thoughts so they don’t control you


He said that every time that you do something to express your emotions, from cooking to painting to exercising to writing you are doing yoga.

Because yoga is mindfulness, yoga is listening to your body, to your soul, to your emotions, watch them and then let them go!

He also explained that to be able to LISTEN you need SILENCE, that’s why these two words contain the same letters because they are the same thing, they don’t exist without each other!

One more thing he explained to us is the reason why at the beginning and at the end of the yoga practice they use the word Namaste!

If you look up Namaste in google you get the perfect explanation!

Namaste is originally from India, it is used when you meet someone or when you leave, it’s a way to say “hello”.

It is usually accompanied by the gesture of putting your palms together at the heart level while doing a little bow.

It literally means “I obeisance at you”, but it is usually connected with the spiritual meaning which is “I obeisance at the god within you”.

Also very important, before and after your yoga practice, is to set an intention, so every time that you get lost, start to feel too much pain or get tired, you can go back to your intention and find the strength and the focus to keep going in your practise!

Isn’t this amazing? Can’t you see how this connect to everyday life?

If you set an intention, a reason why you want to achieve a specific goal, you visualise it, you imagine how you would feel in that situation,  and then you take action, in that journey every time you will get lost, every time you will feel you want to give up, every time you will feel “is this worth it?”. You can go back to that intention, remind yourself of that feeling of achieving your goal, your why, and you will get back on track stronger than before!

I found all these little stories so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to share it!

So here I am now, back in London, back to my colorful (full of my paintings) bedroom, smiling!

Thinking about how lucky I am that I had the chance to go on an amazing trip at almost no cost and finally had the confirmation that what I am listening to my soul and not my mind!

Maybe it was all a coincidence that we end up choosing Bali as our summer trip, and maybe it was a coincidence to meet all these extraordinary people, but I would rather think it was meant to be, in the end, they say “There is no such thing as a coincidence, but it is the synchronicity of the universe.”… but of this, we can talk next time!

Namaste, everyone!!!

A trip to Bali
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